Finding the New Normal, A New Path

Those of you who know me personally are familiar with my store, Beabe’s Toys and Gifts, which has been around since 2004 online, then as a brick and mortar.  This was a perfect illustration of a Baby Boomer listening to “Do What You Love, And the Money Will Follow”, which is crap.  If you go into business, especially retail in this economy, be armed with all the research you can gather up, then do more.  After having an online business for years, I let myself get talked into a store by customers who wanted the in person retail experience.
Mistake number one.
Speed forward from 2009, the first year I was a “Brick and Mortar” to now.  I’m out a really nice 401K, but much more educated about my own personality, the economy, and retail in 2013.  Guess what?  I’m a Rock Star on Amazon, but suck at owning a Brick and Mortar.  Who’d have thought?
So here’s where the caterpillar becomes a butterfly.  Somewhere along the way, retail changed my personality for the better.  I’m better with stress, crazy people, have a better positive outlook, and a new clear perspective on Small Business.  What I’m looking forward to now is spending the last few years of my youngest son’s stay at home with him.  I’m looking forward to getting reacquainted with my dear, sweet husband.  Real date nights and holding hands!  I’ also looking forward to driving up to Austin just to annoy my eldest son, patronize food trucks, and generally get weird with Austin.
I’m still discovering what I want the New Normal to be, what my new path is, besides writing my fantasy best selling novel and buying a beach house on the Florida Panhandle.  Oh, and drinking lots of lovely wine, and cooking beautiful meals.  What finally dawned on me, while staring at a Champagne display at Spec’s, is that my former dream job was making me crazy and sick, and it was time to stop.  Kind of like an alcohol version of Paul’s conversion on the way to Damascus, but with out the blinding.  So wish me well, and I’ll see you next time.  Bye, y’all!

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