Spoiler Alert: Review of Hard 8, Stephanie Plum Novel by Janet Evanovich

Hard Eight (Stephanie Plum, #8)Hard Eight by Janet Evanovich
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Dear Stephanie Plum:
Yes, I realize that you’re a fictional character, but I think your followers want you to have an intervention. This review is for #8 of your series, but looking at the reviews of newly released #20, you’re still dealing with the same issues as 1-8. Here goes…

Morelli. Gorgeous, loves you, and you’ve said you love him too. Have said you’d marry him. I feel sorry for this guy the same way I pitied Ricky Ricardo. Reason number one I think you’re insane.

Ranger. Danger, danger, danger, Ranger. Has become boring and obviously is after you for one reason. Why you’d pick him over Morelli mystifies many of your readers and has caused not only dissention in the ranks, but desertion. Reason number two I think you’re insane.

The Hamster. It was cute in #1, now it’s just monotonous.

The gun situation. This is where your credibility as a grown woman breaks down. You get a gun and various other paraphernalia and yet you still keep it in your damn purse. Time after time, book after book proves to keep your bounty hunting tools in your purse is a very bad idea. Everyone is armed except you, including the elderly residents of your apartment building, and usually better armed. And bullets? Don’t get me started. Reason #3 I think you’re insane. Get a Glock or Beretta and keep the damn thing strapped to your leg, woman.

The door and window situation in your apartment. Despite it being a steel door, anyone including intellectually challenged potheads can break and enter. People leave dead bodies in your apartment. Homicidal killers hang out on your fire escape. You get firebombed. Time after time Morelli, Ranger, and others come in and fix things for you, try to encourage you to protect yourself. Nothing. Reason #4 I think you’re insane.

Then there’s Lula. Lula’s a survivor, but she’s trapped in a stereotype. The woman’s a survivor and needs a makeover and a nice boyfriend.

Reading some of the reviews for later books, I see many of the same criticisms. Why doesn’t Stephanie grow? Why does she keep treating Morelli so badly? I have the same questions, and no answers, and thus won’t be buying any of the rest of the books. I’m on a long waiting list at my library, but am in no hurry.

I started reading these books while sick during Thanksgiving vacation, happy to find a romantic mystery series, especially one as funny as Stephanie Plum. Leaving at the end of #8 seems like a good time to dump Lucy and find a new series.

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