A Letter from Camp

Dear New Orleans Times-Picayune:
As part of my loyalty to an old friend, I attempted to subscribe to the online version of your venerable newspaper this morning. After several minutes of vague and terrible instructions, I finally threw my hands up in the air and quit. 
I don’t know why your web designer would make it so hard to take money, but it makes me rather sad for you. After all the many years of being a New Orleans subscriber, after being gone for fourteen years, I want you back. After you managed to survive Katrina and all the economic downturns, wars, the Big Depression, the oil booms and busts, I want you to survive. I want to read stories about my adopted hometown.
You’re not alone in having ridiculously complicated payment pages. If you actually want to survive though, my dear old friend, something has to be done about it. Don’t make excuses about how much you’ve paid someone to design your website. Don’t make excuses how others have managed to bob and weave through weird failure messages. Most of us don’t speak IT gobbledygook, and have no idea what we’ve done wrong.
We just want to pay you for a service, not read for free online, but pay you for a service because we want you to survive. Please, make it easier to subscribe, and don’t make excuses.
Your old friend, Beabe

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