Computer Disasters, Scrivener, and the Cloud




Copyright Beabe Thompson 2013


I have too many WIP’s going, a byproduct of my ADD. A while back a computer utility crashed my old laptop, rendering the data on it unreachable. Nothing to do but take it back to factory setting, a move like an electronic exorcism.

Once that was done, the laptop acted as if nothing had happened. My husband now uses it. But what about my WIP’s, my babies, wiped out by the resetting?

The Scrivener zipped backup files were saved on Dropbox and Microsoft cloud storage, and this was a very important detail.

Carbonite, a subscription computer backup cloud system restored my old laptop files to the new Dell tower (yes, delightfully old school). The technician from Carbonite was kind, sympathetic, and incredibly helpful. Presto-chango, and all my files appeared where I could sort through, discard, move, backup, etc.

There was a problem. A heart pounding, gut wrenching problem: the individual Scrivener folders held the restored data EXCEPT the actual Scrivener file. Like a Fabulous Halloween costume that lacked pants. The actual story file was gone.

GONE! Why? I haven’t a technical clue, and the restored folder was useless. What saved my work was The Cloud, Scrivener’s auto backup settings, and zip files. I was able to restore the WIPs, one by one, using cloud storage and Scrivener backup.

When someone tells me they don’t use cloud backup, I mentally roll my eyes and mutter “Whatever.” Under my breath. After lightning strikes, hurricane evacuations, computer failures, and other mishaps, I know what works for me.


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