Reorganizing My Writing Life, Part One


This is a quick and dirty blog post before heading off to a Dynamo match this evening.

Two-hour nap after lunch. The medications I’m taking for a cervical spine issue are temporarily playing havoc with time and work. Wow. Not a productive day, but I overdid it yesterday working in my office.

The 2014 Romance Writers of America Conference workshop for ADD and ADHD writers made a huge impression on me. I would dearly love to take it again if offered at another conference with the same amazing speakers. And the handouts. I would love to get my hands on the handouts from that workshop because they weren’t in the file provided by the Smashwords free thumb drive.

Back to my situation. Chaos in my office was really hurting me. I spent hours tossing moving, reorganizing, dawdling, working. Still, a lot more of reorg to do, but two huge garbage cans and a packed shredder later have helped clear away a lot of paper debris.

More sorting and tossing will happen later, but for, now it’s enough. Like Lao Tzu said, “The journey of a thousand steps begins with one step.”



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