Once Upon a Time In Texas, Or A Pity Party In Suburbia

Once upon a time in a small Texas neighborhood… There were children’s Easter egg hunts and Halloween hayrides, roving groups of small children trick or treating, clusters of parents and kids waiting for school buses. It was idyllic and wonderful beyond words.

There were small get togethers of moms drinking wine, or quick meetups at a nearby French bistro chain.

There were neighbors who got my children off the bus when I was staying with my dying mother. There were neighbors who checked our house for hurricane wind damage after we’d evacuated. There were neighbors who got up in the middle of the night to shut our inexplicably self opening garage door when we were away. And invitations to birthday parties and graduations. Potluck suppers.

The women who kept all this happening moved away for work transfers or to more ritzy neighborhoods. The wine nights stopped, then kids started going to local church “harvest festivals”.

Now I’m trying to sleep the last night in our old house. Sadness and irritation keep me awake. And the leftover heebie-jeebies from dealing with crazy tow truck drivers earlier. Sad because only two of my friends seem to care we’re moving away. Neighbors I cherished think I’m already gone.

So I’m having a middle of the night one woman pity party. Woe is me.

At least I had these things for a long while, the best neighborhood one could ask for in life, neighbors who treated me like a sibling. Who helped me herd ducklings out of busy streets.

Life goes on, and it’s time for a new adventure. Onward.


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