Mindfulness and Finding Joy

It’s barely seven o’clock here in Houston, and the doves outside are hypnotically calling to each other.

The dogs and cat have roused me from sleep, eaten their breakfast, and have gone back to bed. The morning is now mine on this beautiful Sunday morning. The kitchen is filled with early morning sunlight, the heavenly bouquet of freshly brewed coffee, and the sound of calling birds. In the distance traffic is a low white hum, woven under the doves’ serenade.

I am mindful and free. Grateful. At peace. Taking a break from Social Media has made this possible. Being in the moment to feel joy, and not distracted, free to plan my day’s work. Not chaining myself to the tyranny of obsessively checking, checking, posting, losing literally hours of precious time.

It seems my brain without Facebook is better able to mindfully and peacefully deal with this move. Bit by bit, chunk by chunk, box by box, carload by carload to charities or elsewhere.

We are all so overburdened by information and stimuli, or at least I often am. Where is the mindfulness needed to create or recharge?

Last night I was reading a mystery where the hero’s listening to Schubert’s Trout Quintet and unlocks an important clue, inspired by the imagery. Imagery only unlocked by being in the moment and letting go, unburdened by the roaring minutia of Social Media.

May you find today an oasis of joy and being in the moment. A place to bring you peace and understanding of how precious time and life can be. How rare and wonderful you are, and how you are capable of happiness, strength, and healing, even if it’s bit by bit like me.


PS, y’all.

I’m taking a break from directly reading or posting on Social Media. In all my OCD personality, I spent hours each day on Facebook. No writing was getting done. No housemoving was getting done.

I’ve been without Facebook for a little while now and miss interacting with friends, but seem to be making progress in productivity and packing.

And have time to think and plan.


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