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I have technical issues between Goodreads and WordPress. What seemed easy-peasy with Blogger seems more like a self-done root canal at times with WordPress. Case in point. Blog feed using RSS. If you type in RSS anywhere in a premium WordPress help menu, you might get help, then again you might be sent off on a thoroughly unentertaining trip through miles of unhelpful jargon.

I knew I’d not had that much time figuring out my RSS feed to add to Goodreads as a Blogger blogger (Yes, I see what I did there.), and my navigation through menus of Goodreads and WordPress did not bear fruit easily.

So here are my tips on finding your RSS feed information to add your WordPress blog to Goodreads. First, pour yourself a toddy. I like Chardonnay or a not too foamy glass of Karbach Weekend Warrior. Second, go to wordpress.com/help and type in RSS.

If the Gods are paying attention to you, you’ll get a page that looks like this:


If not, you might have to make a sacrifice to them. Just kidding. I hope you left breadcrumbs to follow back home. Next, you want to click on the feeds link. No, not in the picture! That won’t work. You need to click on the Feeds link on your computer screen while in WordPress. See, that wasn’t hard. Chortle, chortle.

rss feeds


If you’re on the “Feeds” page, you’re almost done. Scroll down to Your Feeds.

rss link

Now use the Main Content link, but modify it to have your blog address in it instead of en.blog.wordpress.com. Mine would have beabethompson.com. Use the new main content URL on your Goodreads RSS blog addy. Now your blog will automatically post to Goodreads every time you create fresh content on your blog website.

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