Love and God, Out of the Jar


This is a rerun of a Facebook post I made this week.

A while back I got slammed pretty hard by a romance writer, who will go unnamed, who sought to school me about Christianity. She flamed me on my personal page for a meme about loving one’s neighbors. Not loving and getting along with run of the mill Christians but Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu.

The irony of a romance writer leaving a hateful post about love is incredible. Love cannot be contained in a jar for just the people who share our religion or denomination. Or our political views.

You cannot be stingy with love and follow the tenants of Christianity. You cannot stand across the street of a funeral and hurl hatred at mourners. One cannot tell people they’re undeserving, that God loves you best, or you only. God is limitless in His love and forgiveness, unlike mere humans. He’s not a firefly in a jar, captive and restrained, fulfilling our foolish whims.

At times I’ve found more love and acceptance with my Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu, and Wiccan friends. That means some Christians have scriptural homework to do, myself included. Self-examination of how we fail to be compassionate, loving, giving, forgiving.

We have to let God out of the jar, be the one person who embodied the best, not the worst, narrowed, and cliched. Love without boundaries, and be loved in return.

Deep POV With Award-Winning Writer Susan C. Muller



Join the West Houston Romance Writers of America this Saturday, June 11, when award-winning writer Susan C. Muller shares Digging Deep – Enhancing your story with Deep POV.

“A basic understanding of POV (Point of View) is essential for any writer. It grounds the reader as to who is speaking and what is happening in the story. Deep Point of View takes this skill one step further, allowing the writer to create an intimate portrait full of rich characterization and eliminating show/don’t tell issues.

We will use examples of different stages of POV and experiment with incorporating senses and emotions as well as using setting or descriptions to deepen POV. We will learn how to stay in the moment, even if it’s in the past or future and how to use italics without yanking the reader out of the story.

This is an interactive workshop, so you are welcome to use passages from your WIP as we hunt for ways to deepen POV.”

This is a terrific opportunity not just for romance writers but writers in any fictional genre to learn how to deepen POV and become a better writer.

The winner of multiple awards and author of six novels, Susan brings a common sense approach to writing and sharing her gifts with other authors.

The workshop is held as the June meeting of WHRWA 10:30-12PM Memorial Drive Christian Church, 11750 Memorial Drive, Houston, TX 77024