Writing Helps

All my life I’ve been a Pantser, a person who has no map or outline of Chaos in writingtask steps, and who operates in a system of controlled chaos. (This is my definition, and not based on scientific observation.) Successful Pantsers in writing are expected to stitch together a coherent story from the slabs of writing we churn out. Planners make an outline and change it as their revisions evolve. Pantsers like me may crave order and when it comes time for editing and revision, have a huge job of making it all work. Or figuring out how the beginning meets the end if we even know.

I admire Planners. Their time seems more efficient spent, and their output productive and reasonable. It doesn’t help that I’m more than a wee bit ADD.

To help other Pantsers, I’ll be posting writing “help”s shared with me. Happy, profitable, productive day, my writing friends.